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Kehabisan Stok Bahan Makanan

If you experience the problem above, HALALINA is the right solution!

Halalina is an online store that provides a variety of halal food ingredients in Japan that you can buy without worrying about quality.

Not only that, you can also buy in wholesale to get cheaper prices. So you can keep a stock of your daily food needs without worrying about running out of stock.

Various Kinds of Halal Food Ingredients

are Provided in Our Online Store

Here are some products that you can buy wholesale at Halalina

Halalina Grosir - Sariraya Frozen Tempe 250g
Halalina Grosir - Sariraya Frozen Bakso Sapi 500g
Halalina Grosir - Indofood Instant Seasoning Rendang 60g
Halalina Grosir - Indomie Fried Noodles 80g
Halalina Grosir - Indofood Instant Seasoning Gulai 45g
Halalina Grosir - Fiesta Karage 500g
Halalina Grosir - Seara Frozen Whole Chicken 700g
Halalina Grosir - Fiesta Delistripe 500g
Halalina Grosir - Sariraya Fried Onions 60g
Halalina Grosir - Sariraya Frozen Vietnam Red Chilli 500g

For other wholesale products, you can see it here

Many Benefits If You

Buy Wholesale at Our Online Store

Free Shipping

Free shipping with minimum shopping of ¥ 10.000 (Except Hokkaida and Okinawa)

Including Tax

Tax is included in the price, so there is no additional tax.

Cash on Delivery

Can be Cash On Delivery (COD). Newly arrived orders paid on the spot.

Still in Doubt?

We do not guarantee that the stock will continue to exist. At any time stock will return empty as before, without notice. The best time to buy is now! Please think about it and make a decision soon!

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